I’m a costume designer, artist and drag queen (under the name Charlotte Charke) living and working in Scotland with a long term goal of making the world a little bit sparklier and livelier one costume at a time!

Would you believe me if I said I didn’t want to just sell you things?

(I want to do that too, obviously, I got bills to pay, here’s another link to my Etsy)

My real passion is in taking performers to the next level, but I know that life as a performer is hard, and doesn’t always pay out big bucks.

If you’re my client, I want to create something for you that’s completely unique, show stopping and that can help you get noticed, win awards, get booked and further your performance career. Investing in a bespoke, custom made costume is an investment in yourself, and your future.
But I know how hard it is to gather those kind of funds. You might not be there yet, and that’s absolutely fine! If you think you’re about ready to invest in levelling up your acts then get in touch- I’ll give you a free quote and talk through options, and we can discuss ways that you can break up the costs.


If you’re not ready for that step yet, I get you, and I still want to help you get up that next rung on the ladder. Drop past my blog (here) and my youtube (here) where I’ll be uploading regular tutorials, tips, tricks and how tos so you can develop the costume pieces you already have or learn how to make your own!

I’ll also be sharing articles on the blog from performers, talking through their road-blocks, experiences and advice and if you sign up to my email list, (here) I’ll send you a message anytime a new post is added (with some discount codes, freebies and giveaways especially for you, beautiful email subscription folk)

If you’re looking for some cheaper pieces you can customise yourself or that you could style into a bigger costume then have a gander over on my Etsy (here) where I list smaller jewellery items, headdresses, costume pieces and paper lashes.

You can keep up with my many adventures, makes and heartbreaks with my burlesque-dancer-partner-in-crime, Magenta Lust over on my instagram @caged_crinoline and @charlotte.charke (and Magenta: @magzlustofficial)